Green Triangle

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To ensure the health and safety of all users, please refer to the following Timberlands Pacific rules and regulations:

Penola Plantations Public and Community Use Guidelines 
Penola Plantations Critical Rules Conditions of Forest Entry and Common Hazards
Penola Plantations Critical Rules for Visitors to the Forest

Additional Services

Organised Events | If you would like to hold an Organised Event, please contact Timberlands Pacific to obtain information regarding health and safety or environmental hazards you may need to be aware of.

No Hunting is Permitted | For the safety of our staff, contractors and other forest users, no hunting is permitted within the Penola Plantations Estate, even if permits are obtained externally.

Firewood | No firewood collection is permitted within the Penola Plantations Estate.


Timberlands Pacific is responsible for the day-to-day tending and maintenance of the Penola Plantations, including boundary weed control and fencing. If you have boundary weed control or fencing concerns, please refer to the Penola Plantations Fencing and Boundary Maintenance Guidelines or contact our Mount Gambier Office.