Maximising Returns from Your Forest

Timberlands Pacific is a client focused and experienced forest management company who are able to support forest owners, of any scale, to plan, harvest and market plantation or native forest for optimum returns. 

 Our services can be customised to individual requirements, from simple purchase of standing timber through to more specific, multi-rotational forest management requirements.

 With Timberlands Pacific’s operational scale of over 1.5 million tonnes sold annually, we are able to secure private forest owners rates for harvest, transport and roading services reflective of our large scale, ensuing better than market rates for owners of smaller scale interests. We have long term commercial arrangements with forest service contractors who operate modern, fully mechanised equipment, ensuring cost saving efficiency whilst maximising recovery from your resource. This is combined with excellent safety and environmental practices.

 Value recovery is greatly enhanced through established sales contracts across a broad range of forest products and through multiple domestic and export markets.

 For an obligation free appraisal, or if you would like to understand how Timberlands Pacific can maximise your returns on your timbered resource, please contact our Launceston or Mount Gambier offices here