Timberlands Pacific Pty Ltd

TIMBERLANDS PACIFIC provides expertise to manage large plantation forests in Australia, and market forest products both domestically and internationally.

TIMBERLANDS PACIFIC is an independently owned forest management company with its main office in Launceston, Tasmania as well as an office in Mount Gambier, South Australia.

We have particular expertise in forest management and operations, on a significant scale, to grow both cash returns and forest value for owners, with the systems and resources needed to optimise value.


TIMBERLANDS PACIFIC manages the Taswood Estate in Tasmania and the Penola Plantations in South Australia and Victoria.

The Taswood Estate was acquired by New Forests Pty Limited, on behalf of the Australia New Zealand Forest Fund. The Taswood Estate comprises of 46,000ha of principally Radiata Pine, located in northern Tasmania, yielding approximately 600,000 tonnes of forest products annually. Tasmanian customers process the majority of this resource.

The Penola Plantations were acquired by New Forests on behalf of investors in March 2012. The Estate is located in the Green Triangle, and comprises of 44,000ha of Radiata Pine, yeilding 800,000 tonnes of forest products annually.



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