Health and Safety

As a forest manager, Timberlands Pacific are committed to protecting the health and safety of our people and expect the same commitment from our contractors. Our goal is to work co-cooperatively with contractors to ensure that everyone returns home safely after each shift and that Safety is considered First Always.

Timberlands Pacific ensures all plantations under its management are managed to comply with high environmental, social and economic standards as per our Safety and Environmental Policy.

The Timberlands Pacific and forest industry’s Life Saving Commitments summarise the approach to safety and support the fundamental principles of safety which involve identifying hazards, eliminating or managing risks and promoting and utilising risk control mechanisms in all operations and functions.

The Life Saving Commitments are a summary only. Contractors are primarily responsible for safety matters for their activities and must have appropriate documented health, safety and disciplinary procedures and the Life Saving Commitments should be read together with these.

If a breach of a Life Saving Commitment is observed STOP and ACT immediately, no matter how senior or junior the person is.

safety first always.PNG